We run a direct shuttle transfer service to The Secret Garden Cotopaxi. The cost is just $5 per person and we usually depart Quito at around 10am, pass through Machachi at about 11am, and reach the hostel about midday, in time for lunch. Alternatively we can arrange a private transport any time for $40 per vehicle from Quito to SG Cotopaxi, or $15 per vehicle for the 1 hour journey from Machachi (on the Panamericana) to SG Cotopaxi. There are buses running from Machachi that can drop you at the end of our driveway but these are infrequent, not very reliable, and you would then need to walk 3km down our driveway from the main road.


After your stay, we do not subsidise transport leaving the hostel but there are a number of easy options to travel to your next destination. Guests often share a $15 vehicle for the one hour journey down to Machachi. From Machachi you can catch eg a $1 bus to Quito or a $3 to $4 bus to Banos. We can also arrange a $40 vehicle transfer back to Quito. These vehicles can be arranged at any time 24/7, the price is per vehicle not per person, and the driver helps guests to get on the right bus to their next destination. Once you are at the hostel, our staff will help you with transport. Please feel free to phone us any time on 099 35 72 714 and we can help to sort your transport. Alternatively you can phone our driver direct – Arturo Sanchez on 095 995 8829.

Telephone Secret Garden Cotopaxi/Quito

0993572714 / 09919800279