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Cotopaxi Volcano has always been active, and is often regarded as the highest active volcano in the world. In August 2015 the level of activity increased and for a while the National Park was closed. The Secret Garden hostel is in an area declared 100% safe by the authorities and therefore remains open. The level of volcanic activity has calmed down a lot, and the National Park was reopened in December 2015. In August 2016 the refuge also reopened, and hopefully soon we will also be able to offer trips all the way to the summit

Once you arrive at the hostel, our friendly staff will give you more information about our various activities, and help to plan your stay

There is no need to "pre-book" any of our day trips, but please contact us in advance if you are interested in overnight summit climbs such as Ilinizas, Cayambe, Antisana or Chimborazo.

All trips have minimum numbers, and some have maximum numbers.

FOREST/WATERFALL WALK - free on your first afternoon, this is a guided trek - approx 2 hours return - through the beautiful forest and up to the waterfalls behind our property. Don't forget your swimmers, but be warned - the water is cold !!!

COTOPAXI NATIONAL PARK - Your vehicle leaves the hostel about 8.15am, returning by about 1.30-2pm. We have a quick tour of the national park as we drive all the way up to the parking area at approx 4,600m. From the parking area we trek up to the refuge at 4,800m to enjoy a hot drink, snacks and explore the surrounding area. We then trek back down to the parking area and drive down to approx 4,000m. For those who chose to do the mountain biking* - jump on! The first section is moderately steep before the trail levels out. Most of the ride is more "coasting" rather than steep hardcore downhill. We then load the bikes back on to the vehicle before heading back to the hostel for a late lunch. $30 pp *plus $5 - $10 extra if you wish to do the biking

PASOCHOA SUMMIT TREK - rated one of the best treks in Ecuador, the views from the summit of this 4220m volcano are just spectacular. We trek for approx 5 hours total. The guide brings snacks and drinks and you'll be back for a late lunch at about 2pm. We have a private trail thru a private ecological reserve starting in the "Enchanted Forest" then across the paramo and up to the rim of the crater. This trek requires only a basic level of fitness - we take it easy. $17 pp incl entrance fee

HORSE RIDING - release the Cowboy/Cowgirl in you - across the high Andean plains. Leaving about 8.30am, you have a short 15 min drive to meet the horses and spend approx 3 to 4 hours "in the saddle". The guide takes snacks/drinks and has you back at the hostel for a late lunch around 1.30pm. We have some spectacular routes across remote, rugged countryside. No experience necessary - our experienced local guides will choose the right horse for you. There is always opportunity to pick up the pace with a bit of galloping for the more experienced (or fearless!!) riders. Approx $35 - $40 pp, depending on the number of people going

RUMINAHUI SUMMIT TREK/CLIMB This is a more challenging climb requiring a moderate level of fitness and confidence for scrambling up the loose rocks/scree near the summit. We only recommend this trek to guests who want more of a challenge after already doing the Pasochoa trek. It is also great acclimatisation for guests who are considering overnight summit climbs to some of the bigger mountains. Approx $30 to $35 pp, depending on how many people - no special equipment required.
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